Moisturize… Moisturize… Moisturize…

Dear Readers…

Thought I’d take this opportunity to recommend a GREAT product. I haven’t done much of this but with SO many product options out there, and SO many ads spinning the “truth” about their products… it’s very helpful when people recommend a tried & true product. It saves a lot of frustration, time and money. And I confess, I get a little kick out of doing research and then testing the goods….

So, at the risk of TMI (Too Much Information)… I have a very flaky forehead. Mostly in the Winter months. But this year, even though it’s still early Fall, my flaky forehead has emerged in full force. I mean, it’s a minor phenomenon. Completely fine one day, then wake up the next and I’ve become a scaly shedding lizard.

So, off to Rite Aid I went… ball cap pulled down low over my forehead… in search of a remedy for my full scale (no pun) flakiness.  Researching a head of time, and with some previous experience with Olay products… I decided to try give the “Regenerist” line a try.

The Daily Thermal Mini-Peel is a miracle worker. Mild enough (and suggested) to use every day… it gently removes that top, rough layer of skin and leaves you silky smooth. Follow up with the Age Defying Intensive Nourishing Night Cream. Yep, I’m using it during the day… rebel that I am. But I’m that desperate.

People, it’s a little expensive. I mean, not in comparison to high-end-department store brands. But it’s $22.00 for the mini-peel and $12.00 for the night cream. A little investment… but totally worth it. One use and I already feel like I have a new face.

So if you have a flaky forehead or any other part of your face… stop by Rite Aid or Walgreen’s and pick up these little gems. You won’t regret it.

And here’s to a flake-free Winter.


4 thoughts on “Moisturize… Moisturize… Moisturize…

  1. They are great products .. and sometimes they’re available at a significant savings at your local “wholesale” club, too, along with other items in the line! (I use them, I don’t work for them!)

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