World Vision blogging trip in the Dominican Republic

Nashville is facing a major crisis at the moment and we’re still trying to bail ourselves out of the largest non-hurricane related flood disaster this country has ever seen.  It’s now being hailed  The 1000 Year Flood – meaning it’s only likely to happen once every 1000 years. It’s mind-boggling and tragic. Many have lost their lives, their loved ones, their homes, their jobs, their stuff. However, I decided not to dedicate and entire blog to this situation – there are so many people already doing that. If you want to read more – here is an excellent tribute to what we Nashvillians have been facing.

What’s difficult to remember during a time like this is that the rest of the world continues to spin… and in many places it’s still spinning our of control. And it has been for years. For most Third World countries, the severity of our Nashville disaster is a regular occurrence. They are in crisis-mode every single day. We panic because we have to cut our water usage in half while places the Dominican Republic have to worry whether or not their drinking water is going to kill them or not. That’s not a slam to what we’re going through here… just an observation and a bit of perspective.

I, by no means, am trying to reduce the perception of what’s happening here in Music City… I just want to encourage people (especially those of us in middle Tennessee) to not forget that the majority of the world suffers daily. I want to take this moment and in some small way… try to relate. I want to remember that we are all brothers and sisters and are children of God. We are all made in His image and created to worship our great Creator. And we all deserve a chance to do just that…

All that said, there is a group of regular bloggers that, as we speak, are in the Dominican Republic with World Vision. They’re visiting some of the sites where we work, and are seeing firsthand the depth of the need that this beautiful country has faced for years. And it’s gotten worse ever since the Haiti earthquake… as they’re now inundated with Haitian refugees.

Below is the list of bloggers on this trip. Read their words… following their journey. And join them as they pray for their hearts to be broken by the things that break the heart of God.


One thought on “World Vision blogging trip in the Dominican Republic

  1. I wrote a blog from the DR for world vision ! Hopefully it will be published soon! just posted a new note in my blog about tornadoes and response to Alabama! Check it out!

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