Never Ride With A Pro

My friends, Katy & Kenny Hutson were asking for poem submissions for a contest their doing with Eastside Cycles and though I’m not qualified to enter (it’s for kids)… I thought I’d send them a funny poem anyway. This is about a ride I took with a friend, Mark Miller... a few years ago. My first and last time agreeing to cycle with a pro.

Never Ride With A Pro

The down hills were sweet
My face full of the wind
I love the speed…
Let’s do it again!

But uphill was tragic
Can’t get out of my seat
Peddling lost its magic
I’m nothin’ but beat

Along comes my riding pal
not out of breath
“You’re lookin’ good gal!”
“I may beat him to death”.

I felt his hand on my back
pushing me up hill
peddling for us both
not out of breath… still

Humbled and shamed
I hung my head low
This isn’t the way
I pictured it would go

“Cheer up Deb!
It’s what Armstrong does…
When his teammates are weary
He gives em a shove!”

“I realize you’re just helping
Giving me a fighting chance…
And that’s great for you…
Cause YOU get to be Lance!”


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