bunheads with banana feet

I have what’s called a StatCounter that’s linked to my Blog which tells me not just how much traffic I get on a daily basis… but I can even see what cities, states and countries you, my readers, are from, and sometimes what site you found my link on. And I must say, I’m always surprised at the random places readers are from… Australia, Japan, Norway, Kenya, even New Jersey! I’m always curious as to how they found me. I’m also very intrigued that I have a regular reader(s) from the American Airlines office in Dallas – one day I hope they’ll come out of hiding and say hi!

Many people land on my Blog because of a word search through Google or Yahoo. Stealing an idea from this guy… I searched through the recent Keyword Activity to find out what words or phrases people were entering, in hopes of discovering some informative website that would answer all their burning questions about said entered subject… but instead they found me. Sorry to disappoint… but hopefully you found something mildly entertaining, so as not to have wasted your time.

Here are the words and phrases that have landed people on my site in the last 30 days:

making of just dance
should have googled, ‘making of complete sentence’
worst jilted lover letter
I feel your pain… feel free to plagiarize
ketter by jilted lover
And Google probably asked, “Did you mean ‘letter’ by jilted lover?” So helpful those Google people.
is little rock racist
I’m pretty sure we all are to some degree… oh, fallen world of ours.
april spring teasers
I hate a tease… don’t you?
bunheads with banana feet
this had several searches – huh?
Africa photographer
take me! take me!
allergic to mzungu
which means you’re allergic to white people. Understandable.
Tall pepper plant
Consider yourself warned. And you’re welcome.

Google is a strange and wonderful thing, I must say. Happy reading. And don’t be afraid to say hi if you visit… even if it’s by mistake.


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