we NOT me

It’s Thanksgiving Day. And I am struck by a deep gratitude for all that the Lord has done in my life. Not just the things I have, but for the work and causes and projects He’s allowed me to be a part of… and most of all for the friends and family He has placed in my life. I could not have hand-picked any one of them better.

I’m also really, really grateful that God created coffee. Or, at least the bean… and then gave some brilliant person the supernatural idea to roast & brew the tiny little luscious nugget (anyone know who that is? I can only find inventors of coffee machines). That’s why I’m thrilled for any excuse to make a trip to Starbucks. And as much as I believe in supporting our local small coffee businesses here in East Nashville (Bongo Java, Ugly Mugs, Portland Brew)… I have to admit… no one can make a grande non-fat, no whip mocha like my beloved friends at The Buck. And they’re no more expensive than the less tastier versions at my local coffee shops.

I do prefer the quaint & quirky atmosphere and community (which is equally quaint & quirky) that I find when hanging out at Ugly Mugs. And I thoroughly enjoy checking out the latest art show and smelling the fresh roasted beans while hanging out at Bongo Java.

But right now, neither of those favorite haunts are offering to send relief to Africa with every purchase of your favorite beverage.

Of course, I know it’s smart and timely marketing on their part. But it’s a smart & timely message, nonetheless. But at least they’re doing something. And reminding America that we should, too. During a season that’s generally inundated with marketing and messages geared toward extreme self-consumption (I just saw 3 commercials in a row with the tags, “Indulge yourself”, “Treat yourself” and “Pamper yourself”)… it’s nice to hear a voice that says, “Don’t forget it’s not just about ME, it’s about WE”… it’s a big world out there and I’m not the only one it.

Watch this brief Starbucks ad… and then go grab yourself a cup and enjoy knowing that you not only relieved your caffeine craving… but you brought a little relief to our brothers & sisters in a beautiful but hurting land called Africa.


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