Lists. Lists. Lists.

I really love making lists. “To Do Lists”. “Wish Lists”. “Shopping Lists”. “Goal Lists”. They keep me on track; they help me see the big picture and the little details; they remind me of past accomplishments and future goals; they organize me; they even entertain me.

So… because I love Fall so much, and I mean so, so much… I decided to make a list of the thoughts, both good and bad, that have been going through my head as a result of this fabulous Fall season.

1. Who can I bribe into picking up all the walnuts in my front yard?
2. I love brisk air on my face.
3. Goodbye humidity!!
4. I love big bonfires – I cannot lie…
5. I need a new hairstyle. Something sassy.
6. Brrrr…..
7. Cheese is really good.
8. I want to wear thermals and go camping in the Smokies.
9. I can’t get Benny and the Jets out of my head (not really Fall related but it’s stuck there nonetheless).
10. Cheese is really, really good with wine.
11. I have a total of 4 books started, none of which are holding my interest.
12. I’m starting to like my new toenail polish. It’s orange.
13. I’m tired of being tired.
14. Why am I so angry at the walnuts in my front yard?
15. What’s in a Hot Toddy?
16. God is mind-boggingly creative. Look at these colors!
17. I act like I’m annoyed by all the nincompooperies of my road friends Trent & Ryan… but secretly, I’m highly entertained.
18. I like orange.
19. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by my travel schedule.
20. Obama!!
21. I really need to know my neighbors better.
22. I’m sad for Haiti. They can’t seem to get a break. Please Lord? Will you protect them?
23. I think I like Hot Toddies.
24. I miss my Nashville friends. I’m gone too much.
25. I could watch Anderson Cooper with the sound off.
26. More walnuts are falling!! #@*!
27. I need to make a list of all the lists I need to make.
28. I absolutely love what I get to do for a living.
29. I like the cushy beds in Hyatt Hotels.
30. I can’t believe I got to be a part of such a historic time.
31. Obama!!
32. Snow Patrol. I must get the new Snow Patrol cd.
33. Still praying for the Congo. More than 200,000 people displaced. Rebel groups continue killing spree.
34. I love fire. Fireplaces, campfires, bonfires, candles, fireflies, fireballs…
35. I’m craving mashed potatoes.
36. I really want to reach 18,000 kids being sponsored this year at WOF. We’re so close.
37. I’ve never liked champagne. Until now.
38. I am so ready to be done traveling.
39. I really want to write a cookbook. But have no idea where to start.
40. Freakin’ walnuts…
41. I think I might have arthritis in my right hand. Maybe it’s just Blackberry-itis.
42. I really miss my friends in Nashville. Have I mentioned that already?
43. I like candles. Lots of candles.
44. I like stomping on leaves. I like the crunch.
45. I love sitting on my porch by a roaring fire.
46. I really enjoy eating dinner & watching Biggest Loser with Kelley. She makes great comments. And great chicken.
47. Obama!!
48. I’m so grateful to the Utley boys for picking up all my walnuts!
49. There have been an unbelievable amount of catalogs in my mailbox!
50. I love Fall!


6 thoughts on “Lists. Lists. Lists.

  1. Deborah, I think you and I might be kindred spirits! Fall brings out the best in me. I look best in fall colors, I feel the most alive during this season, I love soup…And I want a sassy new haircut too!A few good books I’ve enjoyed:How Starbucks Saved My Life, by Michael Gates Gill (not what you might think, based on the title)Gluten Free Girl, by Shauna James Ahern (to inspire your cookbook)The Ridiculous Race, by Steve Hely and Vali Chandrasekaran (Hilarious!)Sammy’s Hill, by Kristin Gore (Hilarious, and sweet)Nice to meet you, via blog, anyway.

  2. OMG, Emily and Debbie would LOVE EACH OTHER!!!!!!!!!!! Emily, you must come visit. 🙂#25 is amazing. Oh Debbie, I love you.

  3. And a sassy hair-do you got!! It’s darling and so happening. I love it’s silky swing.I too love Fall, but in MI it has fallen and snow has covered it. Too soon gone. Ah, but the memories live on.Happy Thanksgiving! Watch out for the turkey’s I hear they are everywhere. 😉

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