Mowed Over…

I love to cut the grass. It’s immediate gratification – where I instantaneously see the fruits of my labor. My work with World Vision isn’t like that… I am making a difference in the lives of thousands of children thousands of miles away… but selfishly… I don’t get to see it up close and personal… and I have to trust God and the capable staff in the field that my efforts are fruitful.

But mowing my yard? Watching rag-tag greens and belligerent weeds disappear in the wake of a perfect green velvet strip… pure bliss!

And during the spring I get to tackle the turf, both front and back, every week! It’s exhilarating… I sweat. I get dirty. I get ankle bites from those darn “no see-ums”. The toes of my tennies are stained a bright green. I sneeze. A lot.

But once done, I stand back, hands on hips, and survey my work. Squinting, I search for those stray stalks that might have ducked the whirling blade of my trusty self-propelled mower. Finally, satisfied with my toiling of the soil… I head in for a much needed shower. But throughout the day, I will spy out the window or stand on the porch to once again, admire my handy-work.

I’ve made peace with the fact that I won’t always, or maybe won’t ever, get to see the results of my World Vision work first hand… but I can always drag my red-bladed-buddy from the shed and mow, mow, mow ’til my heart’s content.


4 thoughts on “Mowed Over…

  1. I just love reading this entry, over and over…. Thanks, Debbie, for sharing your beautiful gifts of insight, perspective, and writing! Love ya… Paula H.

  2. Love this Debbie. It makes me nostalgic for the days of yore, when I was in grade school (in Idaho) getting paid $4 to mow our front and back yard. It would take a few hours because I always stopped to get the ladybugs out of the grass, relieving them of their impending lawn mower death, and putting them on the fence to freedom. Maybe that’s my childhood version of delayed gratification…like your World Vision. 😉

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