45 more…

On this day… the anniversary of my 45th year of life… I am reflective. I have a great… and I mean… great life. However, words like grateful, blessed, thankful, appreciative… all fall short in describing the abundance God has brought into my life. I’m not even sure that being a better writer would help me adequately express the joy I feel as I reflect these past 4 and a 1/2 decades. Wait, did I just say decades? Say it with me…. “I’m not old… I’m not old… I’m not old…”.

That said… I have also been thinking of all the things I’ve yet to experience or accomplish. Goals, dreams, ambitions, hopes…. I always want to be moving forward… chasing life, not waiting for it to come to me. In eternal retrospect… we have such a short time here on earth… before we head on to the new kingdom… the new earth… so I want to milk it for everything I can. Borrowing from my friend Annie’s “Living Big” list… the 50 things she still wants to do in life… I’ve created my own. You may have also heard it called the “Bucket List“. That list of things you want to do before you die. Whatever you want to call it – I like lists. I tend to accomplish more if I’ve written it down.

So, below is my “Milkin’ It” list. All the things I want to milk from life… Although, unlike Annie, I’m only listing 45 things. I think 45 more years here on earth is reasonable. So I can shoot for 1 item a year. That’s doable. Some of them are very achievable with a little discipline and hard work… some will take divine intervention. But, all are possible. Any thing’s possible with God, right? So, here they are in no particular order… things I’ve never done before… but long to do before I move on.

“I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.”

—E.B. White

1) go skydiving
2) ride horseback on safari in Africa
3) go to a day spa (where they have those hot rock massages!)
4) have a book published
5) sing in public once (I have a horrible voice… it’ll probably take alcohol)
6) own a convertible Jeep
7) learn a foreign language (more than 5 tourist words)
8) compete in a national cooking contest (Top Chef, here I come)
9) feel comfortable in a bathing suit
10) spend time in India
11) compete in a 1/2 marathon (this may impact the bathing suit goal)
12) be hired for a journalistic photo shoot
13) make a souffle that doesn’t fall
14) visit the Lourve
15) Bungee Jump over Lake Victoria (Africa)
16) get to my ideal weight and STAY there (sheesh – just call me YoYo-Ma)
17) get a puppy
18) stomp grapes in Italy
19) create an original recipe book
20) figure out how to do a “smoky eye
21) to meet Christopher, my sponsor child in Malawi
22) to plant a vegetable garden that doesn’t die
23) take a vacation in Italy and attend one of those 3 day cooking classes
24) meet Oprah
25) go wine tasting through the whole northern California wine country region
26) rock a head band & not look 12 (or worse, a 45 yr old trying to look 12)
27) be kissed under the mistletoe
28) own a green Vespa scooter
29) be thoroughly swept off my feet
30) swim with dolphins
31) to see black and white Americans live together in equality and genuine community
32) tour the White House
33) to take photos in the midst of a war-torn area
34) to see my mom have her own place and feel independent
35) drive a race car
36) learn to like sweet potatoes – they’re supposed to be so good for you!
37) meet Barak Obama
38) do a month-long camping/hiking trek through the West
39) to read all the books I own
40) to have an audience before the U.N. (I have a few things to say to them)…
41) to see my nieces loved and adored for the amazing women that they are
42) attend a U2 concert
43) vacation on a Greek isle
44) meet Nelson Mandela
45) foster and/or adopt a child


3 thoughts on “45 more…

  1. I would like to join you for: 3, 11, 18, 20, 23, 25, 37, 28, and 43.And AMEN to: 6, 9, 21, 27, 29, 31, 41, and 45.You are amazing, Debbie. Happy, happy birthday, and I KNOW that you will accomplish all of these things and more! You are the kind of person I wish to be: adventurous, wise, funny, and hopeful. Let’s hang out ASAP!xo

  2. Happy Birthday Debbie! I hope it was a great one…sounds like it is and I hope to reach 45 with as much grace and ease as you seem to have! I want to read all the books I own too (39) among many of the other things you listed!!

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