Politics and Race

I know that posting about politics is tricky. Especially since my beliefs in this particular race differ than the majority of my friends and family. But among many of my conversations with friends lately, there’s been a constant theme regarding this current political race… “I just haven’t paid attention”… “I don’t know the issues”… “I’m not sure who I’d vote for”… and on and on. Friends, please let me encourage you… this is probably one of the most important races of our history. Don’t close a blind eye. It’s not too late to read, listen, research, read, listen. Your opinion counts. Your issues count. Your vote counts.

All that to say…

I listened to a speech today… that regardless of your favorite candidate… is worthy of your attention. Barack Obama addressed the complex issues of racism in our country… historically and currently… as well as where our future may lead us, given the paths we choose today. The speech’s original purpose was to address the controversy that’s come as a result of a sermon his former pastor, Rev. Wright, preached that contained racist and unpatriotic comments…. and the media’s hyperbole charge that Obama should denounce his former pastor and friend… if he were a true American… if he were a true Christian.

From a personal note (i.e., my humble opinion), I believe Barack eloquently addressed these issues from a deep understanding of the people that make up America… and with a grace and mercy that truly reflects the Gospel . This is a very risky stance to take for someone who’s in the running for the most influential political position of our country… and possibly of the world.

I urge you to listen to (or at least read) Obama’s speech. Even Hilary Clinton said publicly today that this was a very important and historic speech. I urge you to set aside your politics for just a moment… whether you support Clinton, McCain, Obama, or your own mama…. this is an important message about where we are as a nation in terms of racial healing… focusing on the hope of our ability, and the charge to our responsibility, to not become complacent… to not accept the status-quo… but to create even greater foundations for future generations.

It’s about 30 minutes… so grab a cup of coffee and settle in. It will be 30 minutes very well spent. Go here if you want to read the transcripts of the speech.


7 thoughts on “Politics and Race

  1. Rob and I were just talking about this. I love the way he disagreed with his pastor, but he did not ‘dump’ him as a friend/brother. Even if it would have been politically expedient for him to just turn his back on the man, he recognized that we don’t just do that to friends, even if when we disagree. And we don’t base the strength of our friendships on how we behave in our weakest moments.I think that example is exactly what we need in so many strained relationships in this country: black and white, left and right, believer and non-believer. We need to be honest about where we disagree, but still be accepting of the people. We are, after all, every one of us, just God’s children.Great post!

  2. Rhetoric. 🙂 He did remember the comments his grandma said though, but not his preachers comments?…….hum……………………

  3. I love anonymous debates! ;o) Actually, take another read or listen. He did remember his preacher’s words and was negatively affected by them… but chose to treat them the same as his Grandmother’s. Which was… the point he was making.

  4. I just love it when anonymous people post opposing feedback…I was at work and couldn’t watch it on the computer, so I read the entire transcript online. Then I went home and watched. And both times, I was incredibly moved. I think these are words coming from an honest and honorable place, and I hope that this is another step toward health and unity in America.Oh, and Debbie? You are one of MY new favorite people, too. 🙂

  5. You are now officially bookmarked!!! 🙂 And I am SO excited about it. I think we should throw a party – except I’m hundreds of miles away… 😦 I’ll have a glass of wine for you tonight instead. And yes, I read his speech. And I think it was a great speech. But no, I will not be voting for him. Or Hillary. Or McCain. I just thought I should say that. 🙂I miss you already. xo

  6. obama drama aside (ha!), i fixed the link on my blog so hopefully you’re able to view jacob’s video now… let me know!xo

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