I just found out that my adorable niece, Candace (19), has tried out for the role of TinkerBell at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. She already works there… as a hostess at one of the restaurants. But she longs to be a character. Actually, she’s already quite the character… she just needs a costume. :o) She’s also tried out for the role of either Micky or Minnie.

Candace has inherited our family’s short gene. She stands a proud 4 foot 11 inches. Eleven and a half inches on a good hair day. She is a tiny, petite pixie… perfect for the role of TinkerBell (that is her beautiful face pictured – I took photos of her this past Christmas).

If she gets the part, she will get to fly through the air over the Electric Light Parade… brightly lit characters dancing in the streets below her…with fireworks bursting all around her in celebration of her arrival. And it doesn’t hurt that her boyfriend, Matt, will be dancing in the parade below her… it’s all just… so… well… magical!

That said… I am praying she gets this role! She admitted to me on the phone yesterday that she’s a little nervous about being strapped to a cable so high above the ground… with bottle rockets whizzing past her head… but it is a chance of a life time. I hope she’s brave. I hope she gets it. We’ll know the 1st of April is she will become Peter’s little buddy.

So remember… All you need is trust and a little bit of pixie dust!

I’m praying for you my sweet Cand-I !


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